RaphAH is a Liar and a Fraud

We had a meeting with Dr Ralph C Bethea (aka RaphAH) on the 12th of Feb 2012 in Pretoria South Africa.

Everyone must believe me, even though I do not have any proof or evidence.

In this meeting we exposed “RaphAH” of being a fraud and a liar. We proved that he did not find the “Original Scriptures”, nor does he have a team of translators working on any “Original Scriptures Manuscripts”. We proved that he copied and pasted from an old English Bible, and then used the “find and replace” function in the word processing program to change a few details to suite his false doctrine.

Here is a post that was posted on my wall by an Afrikaans Believer about the outcome of the meeting:

—Beginning of newsletter—

“Dear brothers and sisters in The Faith in YHWH, YAH, YAHU, YAHUWsha, Yahushua, Yeshua, Y’shua, The Messiah (Savior). PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF WHAT IS OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY broadcasted ABOUT RaphAH and The King’s Covenant E1 in S.A.

I have just received this very disturbing e-mail with a very serious “Verdict” attached to it for all readers in Afrikaans sent out to thousands of YHWH BELIEVERS IN S.A. This is the ‘Official Findings and Outcome’ of all the Proceedings and Meetings held between Dr. Ralph Bethea and 40 educated and trusted educated members of The Family of YHWH here in S.A. who all loves Father YHWH and His Son in Blood Covenant with Him. Most of this is in Afrikaans, but the attachments are in English.

In Short it says the following (in great detail below in Afrikaans) translated to English:

That Dr. Ralph Bethea has BEEN FOUND GUILTY to being ‘a liar and thief’ in S.A. by a 40 member delegate of Elders in The Faith in S.A. who has found much evidence against him personally and his OSE-1 Distributed by him AS The ONLY Original Scriptures “translated” from Ancient ROS Texts.

The Meeting and Delegates Concluded that:


2. The King’s Covenant is NOT THE ORIGINAL WORD OF YAH, and

3. The King’s Covenant E1 IS NOT COPYRIGHTED in USA, nor IN S.A. which false statements made by Ralph Bethea in the Preface, is another lie in writing in The King’s Covenant E1.

4. Ralph admitted to using The English Living Translation (An Open Source Electronic Bible) and he has PLAGIARIZE IT himself to produce The King’s Covenant E1 electronically on his own computer, therefore it CAN NOT BE COPYRIGHTED anywhere!

5. He said originally that 77 Scrolls were found in Iraq, actually 75, which became 240 Ancient Scrolls “found” on his latest statements and RECORDINGS of HOW HE FOUND THEM, also tested to be more lies and inconsistent accounts given.

6. There is NO PROOF nor any concrete evidence and Ralph Bethea was NOT IN IRAQ nor in IRAN during the time “HE SAID that HE FOUND THESE SCROLLS” and NO Passport Stamps nor Airline Tickets nor Airline Bookings to confirm his entry in 2001-2002.

7. There IS NO TRANSLATION OF PALEO-HEBREW into ENGLISH being CONDUCTED in The Himalaya mountains, which was found to be another lie of Ralph Bethea.

8. Ralph Bethea is accused of being A HUGE STUMBLING BLOCK TO MANY YOUNG BELIEVERS AND SEEKERS IN South Africa, and that he LIED AND STOLE IN THE NAME OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, which is shameful and destructive in his spirit and nature.

9. Therefore, Ralph Bethea must now be treated AS A TAX COLLECTOR AND UNBELIEVER in YAHU according to Numbers 25:1-13, Matt 18:5-6 en 1 Corinth 5:1-5 instead of him now hiding behind Matt 18:15-18.

10.The Family of YAH in S.A. jointly hereby INFORMS THE PUBLIC in S.A. TO DISTANCE THEMSELVES from Ralph Bethea and his wordless behavior and actions ALL done IN THE NAME OF YHWH, and they call all Seekers and ‘young believers in The Faith’ to call them for personal counseling and talks about this whole issue and the way forward.

The GREAT LESSON TO BE LEARNED FROM THIS whole SAGA: “Don’t trust any man, even if he comes to you in the Name of YHWH.” Remember that Our Faith is NOT based upon any man, but upon our ETERNAL KING YHWH in Heaven.

Now BE VERY careful whom you BLINDLY follow and associate yourself with, in the future. We are instructed to Work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

Also See the attachments for further insight into the whole matter and the allegations brought before Ralph Bethea and ongoing investigations conducted also in USA by The Family of YAH there.

A DVD will soon be made available with the whole 4 hour Meeting Proceeding on it, for all to see and hear for themselves recorded by brother Dirk. E-mail addresses attached of the Investigators.

END of Afrikaans Letter into English SUMMARY TRANSLATION…

After receiving and viewing all the evidence and DVD material provided, a PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT will be made by myself to all YAHUWans and Seekers and FULL REFUNDS will be made to ALL financial supporters, by myself and YAHUWAH DISTRIBUTIONS CC in Cape Town given for the Distribution of OSE-1. Refunds to be done in the coming weeks and all our websites will also be amended. For any financial claims or further reports on this subject matter, please do contact sister Deborah Lipan in Cape Town South Africa.

All Printing, Advertising and Distribution of The King’s Covenant E1 and First Covenant (O.T.) of The Word of YAH in South Africa done by Mada & Jacques Janse Van Rensburg and YAHUWAH DISTRIBUTIONS CC jointly, has consequentially been STOPPED on 13/02Feb/2012. Further discussions will be held after our Shabbat Day Webinar tomorrow in Africa, to support The Family of YAH members during this terrible time and this shocking news, which affects thousands of people in many countries, whom we have also exported and distributed The OSE-1 to, IN GOOD FAITH.

We humbly apologize for all the inconvenience and terrible loss we have caused you and your families, by perpetuating lies of Dr. Ralph Bethea (EliYAH, EliYAHUW, servant Raphael), also known as Elder RaphAH BethYAH of YAsarel West (YAsharel) USA.

We thank Abba YHWH for revealing to us in His Way and Perfect Timing, all the secrets and evil works of deception done by the destroyer who only comes to kill, steal and destroy from His Seeking Children.

We are NOT orphans, nor victims, but WE ARE SET FREE BY YAHU and WE WILL OVERCOME ALSO THIS ATTACK from the enemy, together as The Blood Covenant Family of The Most High YHWH.

Shalom and thank you.”

— End of newsletter—

Please direct any emails to: theoriginalscriptures@gmail.com


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  1. I am one of a number of individuals who requested evidence from Ralph Bethea Jr., but obviously did not receive anything except redirection and defensive words and behavior. Thankfully I had already been into Hebrew roots since 8/2008 and was able to apply Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:32 in this situation. Also, some others who were part of Ralph’s group abandoned him once they realized that Ralph was a fraud, but sadly, many are still deceived by Ralph’s deception. I feel sorry for those blinded by Ralph’s deception and hope they will wake up soon.

    When the DVD is ready, please post some clips on YouTube. Jeff Benner aka ancienthebreworg already established a series folder regarding Ralph Bethea Jr. on his channel, so he could either place the videos directly into this folder or mirror the videos from another YouTube channel. If you post a link for purchasing the DVD, or at least to download the video, I will support you by purchasing it.

  2. Yes, please post the DVD.. or let us know how we can obtain it. This guy needs to be exposed for the wolf he really is.

  3. Please note that I do not have control of the DVD. I will make it available to anyone and everyone as soon as I get a copy of it for myself and have permission to do so. I will think about putting it onto youtube too to get maximum exposure.

  4. I was quite disappointed with this whole fiasco of the Word of Yah.

  5. Ralph and his wife visited our church around 2004 for a missions conference. He told some amazing stories of how his wife had been murdered, how he almost assasinated Sadaam Hussein, how he jumped off a bridge into shark infested waters in an act of desperation to get people to listen to his gospel message, how he healed an Imam’s crippled child in a mosque and how he had a compound in Iraq being used to disciple young orphaned Iraquis.

    He said things like “I know, I’m a Baptist, we don’t believe these things happen but I’m telling you, I was there and I saw them happen. I was a new believer and I have to admit that I was dazzled. The first time I seriously questioned his authenticity was when his wife got up to speak. She seemed a little too glamorous and showy to be the wife of a godly man living in the trenches of Iraq as a missionary.

    Later, Ralph Bethea led a smaller group time with a Q/A session (I unfortunately did not sit in on this) but over the course of that session, as questions were answered, inconsistencies came up in his stories and it became evident that he was a charlatan. This was dissapointing for those who knew about his debunking. Ralph Bethea was a hero of our pastor’s and our pastor had even given his daughter the middle name of Bethea in honor of this man. No public statement was ever issued regarding Ralph Bethea’s bogus ministry but He did not speak the following day as I believe he was supposed to.

    Every once and a while I’ve googled to see if anyone has written anything on Ralph Bethea or if he is simply slinking around churches telling them not to advertise his presence for concern of his and his wife’s safety.

    If Ralph Bethea is claiming extrabiblical inspired sources then someone really needs to start researching and documenting his life and claims, just on the off chance he becomes another Joseph Smith.

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