To Publish or not to Publish

One of the most suspicious things that Ralph C Bethea Jr (aka RaphAH – Which is not his true name) has done to prove his fraudulent claims that he possesses the original written Scriptures, is that he has not published even one of the documents he claims to possess. He has not even produced one photo, nor has he been able to produce even one shred of evidence that he possesses the Scriptures at all. In fact, on Mr Bethea’s website for the supposed scrolls that he claims to possess, he has some pictures of ancient Hebrew Scrolls, which gives the allusion that it is photos of his scrolls. But this to is a lie and fraudulent, as all the photos on his site comes from the scrolls of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I continue to deceive millions of people with my lies

I continue to deceive millions of people with my lies

Is this really how any righteous person, or team, would treat such a find (if it were true)? No, any half decent person would at least take photo’s of these documents and publish them for anyone and everyone to study. This is exactly what was done with the scrolls and parchments and all the discoveries of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Every single manuscript has been published and is FREELY available on the internet for anyone to study it for themselves.

But Mr Bethea has not produced any evidence that the scrolls, that he supposedly possesses, actually exist at all. He simply demands blind obedience to his own opinionated word without producing any truth at all. How can any dignified person ever believe Bethea’s word if he cannot produce any evidence to support it?

Another clever deception that Mr Bethea thought up is the story that a team of experts (but none of them have any official training at all) has been working incredibly hard to decipher the scrolls and translate them for all of us to be able to read. He claims that he chose these people, without any qualifications at all, because they have not been brainwashed by the authorities and education system.

But is this really the case? Certainly not, as there is no team of translators, as Bethea so falsely claims. The true reason that Mr Bethea claims that his “team” does not have official qualifications is simply because they cannot be traced at all. If there did exist a team of translators, and even just one of them contained a degree or something like that, we would be able to trace that person and know if the findings are true or not. But because Bethea never ever found any scrolls, he can simply claim that he has a team of translators working for him, and we would not be able to verify it at all.

Nothing that Mr Bethea says ever makes any sense and he has failed, every single time, to answer very simple questions regarding the supposed scrolls. He has also failed to produce even one name of anyone on the team of translators. He has also failed to produce any evidence of the scrolls themselves at all either.

In fact, Mr Bethea himself admitted in writing that he used an old English Bible translation as his base text and it has been proven that he simply used a “find and replace” function in his word processing software to change many portions of the Bible that he used. The result of using the “find and replace all” function instead of the normal “find and replace” option created many words that were illegible and not really words at all. This was uniform throughout the entirety of Mr Bethea’s translation. This proves that it was done in haste and also done by a single person. If any form of team (even of 5 people) did such a thing, then this would never have happened.

Mr Ralph C Bethea Jr has been proven to be a fraud and a liar and even admitted, in writing, many of his transgressions, but yet carries on as if were all true in order to fool many people. Why does he do this? For a few reasons, of which, he loves money and riches and fools many people into giving him money for nothing at all. Another reason is that he hates the Almighty and has no regard for the true Word of the Almighty.

If only every single person that Mr Bethea came in contact with, demanded that he produce all the evidence before they will agree with him or give him any money at all. If this were to happen, then Mr Bethea would not be able to get away with his evil.

Ralph Bethea cannot read or understand Hebrew

Once again we have come across more evidence that Ralph Bethea (aka RaphAH) is a liar, uses plagiarism and cannot even read or understand Hebrew. You will see this being proved in the following two video links.

This first you tube link is that of Jeff Benner, who is an ancient Hebrew scholar, pointing out the fact that the cover of RaphAH’s “Original Scriptures” has a picture of one of the Psalms scrolls found among the dead sea scrolls and NOT an original Torah scroll as he claims he has. Take a look at the video for yourself:

Ralph Bethea uses dead sea scrolls

The second video is an excellent one that points out the fact the RaphAH knows absolutely nothing about the Hebrew language. So he uses a Christian lexicon (the Strongs), which only has the root words of each word and does not explain any prefixes or suffixes of Hebrew words. Because he uses only the Strongs words, he makes an absolute fool of himself and proves that he does not know anything about Hebrew.

Because of this simple fact, it is more proof that RaphAH could not have found any Original Scripture Scrolls. He cannot even translate a single word from Hebrew to English, and then demands that his translation is the most accurate of all translations. He even claims that his translation is better than the Hebrew Tanakh.

He has admitted that he used an old English translation of the bible as the base text, and then copy and pasted his own ideals. He has admitted this in writing.

How can anyone believe even one word of his, so called, original scriptures translation, to be correct or accurate?

Watch the video for yourself:

Ralph Bethea cannot read Hebrew

Below is the reference that was spoken of in the video

It is very clear that Ralph C Bethea Jr is a fraud and has not produced one shred of evidence that he might be correct. On the other hand… there is a mountain of proofs and evidences that show how RaphAH is a liar and a fraud and that he did NOT find any “Original Scriptures” manuscripts

Ralph cannot read or understand Hebrew… so he makes up his own words that are not at all like the Hebrew language. No one should ever trust him or anything he says

Ralph C Bethea Jr proves his own ignorance

I have created this blog to expose the lies that Ralph C Bethea Jr teaches. Everything thay I have stated in this blog is 100% correct and can be looked up by anyone in sources that are available, Unlike what Mr Bethea offers. Mr Bethea has made written many comments on this blog trying to justify his lies, but at the same time he proves his ignorance of the Scriptures and makes personal attacks on anyone who does not share his own view just because Bethea cannot produce ANY evidence at all.

Ralph Bethea wolf in sheeps clothing


Let me get a few ideas (facts) straight to make a point quick:

Science is the study of things that can be reproduced over and over again based on facts and hard evidence. Science, or scientific laws were created by the Almighty from the beginning of time.

Natural scientific laws were created, like a plant cannot live without water and sun-light. When an apple falls to the floor, it is because of gravity. Magnetic laws, which govern gravity, also determine sea tides based on the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. The moon is visible because of the laws of light and speed of light. I could go on and on but I think you understand the principle.

Science is based on facts and evidence and is provable. There are however people who call themselves “Scientists” who claim many things to be fact that have absolutely no facts or evidence at all. An example of this is evolution, which many people falsely claims to be science. Until there is actual evidence of something, it remains purely a theory, NOT a fact.

This is exactly the same as what Ralph C Bethea Jr has done. He claims that his own creation is the true scriptures. Now ask yourself, is this a fact or a theory? Has he ever produced any evidence at all? Absolutely NOT, instead, he personally attacks anyone who will not believe him until he allows them to see the “Original Scriptures” for themselves. He also proves his total ignorance to any scripture or comments that I make.

I am going to post a couple of Bethea’s comments here and then give responses to them showing you that he is the liar and the ignorant one. (Bethea’s comments will be in black, and my response will be in red):


All those “rules of Hebrew” that you quote for changing “yadah” to “YAHUWdAH”, where are they in any ancient Scripture? Or did you learn them from the Yehudi rabbii who have changed Scripture for 2500 years, consistently taking His Name out and putting in “Adonai”?
(Is it not written in the Hebrew text, and even in your “The Original Scriptures E1” in B’reishit/Genesis 29:35 the reason Leah named her son Y’hudah? It says, “Let me gratefully PRAISE YHWH; therefore she called his name Y’hudah.” The name Y’hudah is a combination of the Hebrew word for praise (yadah) and the name of YHWH. This is exactly what is written and cannot be anything else as that would be changing the Torah. If Ralph C Bethea Jr knew anything about Hebrew, whether It be modern or ancient, he would know this very simple fact. Instead, he makes himself look like an idiot by making outrageous assumptions which do not exist in any manuscript ever written.

No I never learnt anything from a Yehudi Rabbi, I learn from the Ancient Hebrew text. And no, the Y’hudi have never corrupted the Tanakh by taking away or adding to it at all. Please show me even one place where they have replaced the Name of the Almighty with the term “Adonai” as Bethea foolishly and so boldly claims.)

You have to add 4 letters to go from yadah to YAHUWAH, yet you accuse me of “adding to the Word”? What hypocrites! Really, you embarrass yourself. (Actually you embarrass yourself Bethea. I NEVER claimed that the Name of the Almighty comes from the Hebrew word “yadah.” What the Torah says is that the name “Y’hudah” comes from the combination of the Name of the Almighty and the Hebrew word “yadah” (praise) (see above comment). Once again Bethea is found to be the hypocrite.)  

You will never get His Name right until you get His Character and Nature right. (This is a statement that Bethea makes on a regular basis. In fact, whenever people ask to see the original scrolls that Bethea claims to have, he then simply replies with this statement that unless we get our character and nature right, we will be denied access to the scrolls. Now how are we able to get our character and nature right if we are unable to read it in the scrolls for ourselves? 

This is just an excuse by Bethea because he does NOT have any scrolls, never mind any original Scriptures. He lies to the people and when the people challenge him to reveal the scrolls, then he says that their character is not right to be able to see them. What a load of rubbish.

Mr Ralph C Bethea Jr expects you to follow his own teaching and support him financially. He might have other evil agendas too, but I am not going to elaborate on that now.)

Almighty YAH is for only those who know He does not kill wimen (direct copy, I am not going to correct his spelling mistakes) and children, advocate Jewish-Messianic slavery, racism, polygamy, genocide nor stoning unbelievers.
(This statement that Bethea makes here proves that he does not have any understanding of the Scriptures. “I have called the heavens and the earth as witnesses today against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Therefore you shall choose life, so that you live, both you and your seed” (D’varim/Deut 30:19). The Almighty gave us all freedom to choose. He also gave us His Torah (Instruction) in order to know what is salvation and life. It is the people who have CHOSEN to be disobedient and reject life.

Those who hate the Almighty are evil people and cause the people around them to start hating the Almighty too by convincing them to do serve other “gods.” This is why the Almighty commanded them to be killed. Not to kill the person, but to get rid of the evil from among them.

We do not do this today anymore… but is that a transgression of the Hebrew Torah as Bethea so boldly claims? Absolutely NOT!!! We are not living in the beloved land of Israel and our governments are not based on the Torah. We are living in the “galut” (dispersion). We do however have a choice who we allow into our homes and with whom we fellowship with. We are certainly not going to go around and kill anyone because they disobey the Torah. That judgment will be carried out when the Messiah Y’hoshua returns.

The concept of slavery is not bad. It is not the same slavery as what happened to the black Americans. When an Israelite took another Israelite as a worker, it was to help him get back on his feet. When an Israelite had a non-Israeli slave, it was always better for the slave as he/she would live in a Torah house and be spiritually free leaving their pagan idols behind. These slaves were treated with love and respect.

You hypocrites who say you follow the Jewish Torah are the liars. You preach terrorist Judaism but don’t follow it yourselves.
(We have never preached terrorist Judaism. We live by the Ancient Hebrew Torah that was given to Mosheh on Mount Sinai. This Hebrew text that we have today has been verified by ALL Scholars and even Scientists too, to be the same Hebrew text as written by Mosheh. It has been scientifically proven that the Hebrew text of today is impossible to have been written by any human being, except if that person (Mosheh) was given every single letter to write down by the mouth of the Almighty.

The Hebrew text we have today has skip sequences that spell out entire passages, reveals the future, even before it happens, and can even tell every single person on this earths life story from birth to death, if one knows his skip sequence. Not even all the computers in the world put together can create any document that can do this. It is impossible, except by the direct Word of the Almighty.

All this has been scientifically proven by all the worlds leading scientist. If even one letter is added or removed from anywhere in the Hebrew text, then none of this is ever possible. This proves that the Hebrew Torah is the Word of the Almighty and not a corrupt translation of man. I challenge Ralph C Bethea Jr to put his scrolls up to the same tests to see if they too can do the same. (but I guess he will decline as he does not have any scrolls and he will also probably make some stupid excuse of why he will not accept the challeng.)

Ok geniuses, the war is on. I’ve prayed for your repentance for many months but your hearts are harden. If you don’t publically repent of the lies that you list above, I will promise you a lawsuit for defamation in South African court if you will quit hiding like terrorist and publically announce who you are!
(I am not hiding like a terrorist and I have certainly not spoken a lie. The Scriptures teach us to be crafty like a snake but innocent like a dove. Also notice that it is Bethea who is waging war on us, all we are trying to do is to expose the falsehood of false doctrines. But it is Bethea who is personally attacking us for demanding to see the “Original Scrolls” before we just believe what he says. Any seeker of truth will only believe something if he has proof thereof, which Bethea is not producing to the people who ask it of him. He demands a public repentance…. Of what exactly? Does he want me to repent of wanting to see the manuscripts before I believe him? Or does he want me to repent of speaking the truth?

One other thing Bethea… what South African law have I broken that you say that I do not have any respect for South African law?)

Pluck pluck pluck pluck, you religious merchants of the gods (elohim) divine bulls….
(This is how he speaks to anyone who speaks against his lies, how mature is that?)

we honor hundreds of good pre-YAn secondary manuscript english translators by lawfully using the excellent word-for-word ASV (1901) and its revision WEB (in progress) and the great Spirit led 1953 Africaans translation to english by SA Chris Koster (The Scriptures-1993) whenever our translations basically agree (around 20% in OSE1). We also use the Catholic Bible old numbering system and divisions, as do you, but does that make us Catholics? So how does our honesty and respect for great pre-YAHUWan men like these constitute (politely put) your bs claim above of plagurism? Does our respect for English and African scholars prove the Original Scriptures don’t exist or only your lack of humility and intelligence?
(firstly, Chris Koster did not translate “The Scriptures-1993” from the Afrikaans translation. This is another proof of Bethea’s ignorance. Once again, Bethea admits that his “OSE1” is based on the ASV (1901) text and NOT upon the so-called original Scriptures. If Bethea had the original Scriptures available, he would have used that as his base text, there would be no reason at all to use another translation as a base text, that would just be stupid. But that is exactly what Bethea has done because ha does not have an original Scripture to translate from.)

…What arrogance, really! You make so many fabrications it is hard to know where to begin…
(Please do begin somewhere… in fact, please show even one of these fabrications that you claim we have made. Here Bethea is trying to accuse us of something without proof at all. He does so in order to try and direct peoples attention away from his own fabrications that have been proven to be fabrications… what a hypocrite)

Put up your 70,000 rand to match our challenge in The Word of YAH and let’s take it to an objective audience!
(So this is how Bethea uses his money that he gets from his supporters… to threaten and intimidate others out of a challenge as he knows he is going to lose. He does so because he knows that the true believers are not in it for the money and cannot match his challenge financially. Why would anyone need to make a financial challenge to enter into a debate? Why would anyone demand another person to put down a huge amount of money before he is allowed to challenge him? Only a coward would do that, just like Ralph C Bethea Jr who is a coward.)

(End of comments)

We do not need to lay down any money to expose the lies that Ralph C Bethea Jr has been spreading. This blog is a testament to this fact. The only reason that Bethea does not approve of it is because his lies are being exposed and he cannot do anything about it. He is also possibly angry because this blog is listed higher than his own website on Google.

The fact still remains that Ralph C Bethea is a liar and is turning many people away from the Word of the Almighty. All his lies have been exposed and have been proven to be false.

Bethea’s comments just make him look like a fool and proves his ignorance.

Now are you going to believe someone who claims to have the original Scriptures but does NOT provide any evidence of them at all? Or are you going to believe what has been proven correct by facts and evidence?

Can the Almighty be referred to as “Elohim”?

Here is another point that proves Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) to be ignorant in the language of the Almighty. He accuses the righteous of referring to the Almighty as “Elohim” and says that by doing so, are breaking the commandment that says that we are not to have any foreign mighty ones “Elohim” before our face. He makes it a point that the word “Elohim” is a plural word and that every time we refer to the Almighty as Elohim, we are not recognizing Him as One. He then goes on to say that because of this, we, who refer to the Almighty as Elohim, are serving idols. But is this really the case?

Let us have a look at what is written in Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr’s (RaphAH) book called “The Word of YAH – The Kings Covenant”

“15) Our Eternal One Eloah YAHUWAH hwhy is not “gods”as so many ignorant say when they refer to The Almighty Most High as “Elohim” (foreign gods). This is ignorant Wordlessness, directly breaking the very important first one of the Ten Covenant Words “Have no foreign elohim (gods) before your face.” We are never to call YAHUWAH as “elohim” or “foreign gods” or “the mighty ones” as many Christian and Messianic scholars teach…..” (The Word of YAH – The Kings Covenant – pg 15)

Here we can see that Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) has a very strong opinion on this topic. Maybe the reason for this is because the very first verse in the Hebrew text refers to the Almighty as Elohim. “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1:1).

Why would Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) claim that Elohim is false? He does so in order to try and discredit the true Hebrew Scriptures and then promote his own false scriptures.

Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) uses Hitler tactics in order to do so. Hitler said that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will then start to believe you. This is exactly what Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) is doing.

So let us have a look at the Word “Elohim”

The root word of Elohim is Eloah, which means “mighty.” Now in Hebrew, when you add the suffix “yud mem” at the end of a word, it makes it masculine and plural. So the word Elohim is the masculine plural form of Eloah.

So does this mean that “elohim” always means “foreign gods” as Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) so charismatically claims?

In order to know the truth, we have to understand the Hebrew language and culture too. Whenever there is a plural word, it can be read in either of two ways. Plural in Hebrew can refer to quantity or quality.

So the word elohim can mean either “mighty ones” (quantity) or “very mighty one” (quality).

Only someone with a westernized mindset will see plural word, like elohim” to mean only one thing. Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) is clearly NOT a qualified person in the language of the Almighty. He makes many false claims without any knowledge of the language.

It is very clear that we can refer to the Almighty as Elohim

Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) has never found any “original scriptures” nor does he posses such scrolls. He himself has admitted that he used an old English translation as the base text of his “kings covenant”. It was also proven that he used the “find and replace” function to change certain words to suite his own liking. Because of this function, many words were changed that should not have been which created words that are not even words at all. This is also just one proof that proves that there are not many translators as Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) falsely claims…. But I will cover this in another post in the future.

The fact of the matter is that Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) is a liar and tries to discredit the true Hebrew Scriptures in order to promote his own fake and false version. He does not have much knowledge in the Hebrew language (or as he falsely calls it, “AbraYA).

Dr Ralph C Bethea Jr (RaphAH) is a liar and a fraud

RaphAH is a Liar and a Fraud

We had a meeting with Dr Ralph C Bethea (aka RaphAH) on the 12th of Feb 2012 in Pretoria South Africa.

Everyone must believe me, even though I do not have any proof or evidence.

In this meeting we exposed “RaphAH” of being a fraud and a liar. We proved that he did not find the “Original Scriptures”, nor does he have a team of translators working on any “Original Scriptures Manuscripts”. We proved that he copied and pasted from an old English Bible, and then used the “find and replace” function in the word processing program to change a few details to suite his false doctrine.

Here is a post that was posted on my wall by an Afrikaans Believer about the outcome of the meeting:

—Beginning of newsletter—

“Dear brothers and sisters in The Faith in YHWH, YAH, YAHU, YAHUWsha, Yahushua, Yeshua, Y’shua, The Messiah (Savior). PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF WHAT IS OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY broadcasted ABOUT RaphAH and The King’s Covenant E1 in S.A.

I have just received this very disturbing e-mail with a very serious “Verdict” attached to it for all readers in Afrikaans sent out to thousands of YHWH BELIEVERS IN S.A. This is the ‘Official Findings and Outcome’ of all the Proceedings and Meetings held between Dr. Ralph Bethea and 40 educated and trusted educated members of The Family of YHWH here in S.A. who all loves Father YHWH and His Son in Blood Covenant with Him. Most of this is in Afrikaans, but the attachments are in English.

In Short it says the following (in great detail below in Afrikaans) translated to English:

That Dr. Ralph Bethea has BEEN FOUND GUILTY to being ‘a liar and thief’ in S.A. by a 40 member delegate of Elders in The Faith in S.A. who has found much evidence against him personally and his OSE-1 Distributed by him AS The ONLY Original Scriptures “translated” from Ancient ROS Texts.

The Meeting and Delegates Concluded that:


2. The King’s Covenant is NOT THE ORIGINAL WORD OF YAH, and

3. The King’s Covenant E1 IS NOT COPYRIGHTED in USA, nor IN S.A. which false statements made by Ralph Bethea in the Preface, is another lie in writing in The King’s Covenant E1.

4. Ralph admitted to using The English Living Translation (An Open Source Electronic Bible) and he has PLAGIARIZE IT himself to produce The King’s Covenant E1 electronically on his own computer, therefore it CAN NOT BE COPYRIGHTED anywhere!

5. He said originally that 77 Scrolls were found in Iraq, actually 75, which became 240 Ancient Scrolls “found” on his latest statements and RECORDINGS of HOW HE FOUND THEM, also tested to be more lies and inconsistent accounts given.

6. There is NO PROOF nor any concrete evidence and Ralph Bethea was NOT IN IRAQ nor in IRAN during the time “HE SAID that HE FOUND THESE SCROLLS” and NO Passport Stamps nor Airline Tickets nor Airline Bookings to confirm his entry in 2001-2002.

7. There IS NO TRANSLATION OF PALEO-HEBREW into ENGLISH being CONDUCTED in The Himalaya mountains, which was found to be another lie of Ralph Bethea.

8. Ralph Bethea is accused of being A HUGE STUMBLING BLOCK TO MANY YOUNG BELIEVERS AND SEEKERS IN South Africa, and that he LIED AND STOLE IN THE NAME OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, which is shameful and destructive in his spirit and nature.

9. Therefore, Ralph Bethea must now be treated AS A TAX COLLECTOR AND UNBELIEVER in YAHU according to Numbers 25:1-13, Matt 18:5-6 en 1 Corinth 5:1-5 instead of him now hiding behind Matt 18:15-18.

10.The Family of YAH in S.A. jointly hereby INFORMS THE PUBLIC in S.A. TO DISTANCE THEMSELVES from Ralph Bethea and his wordless behavior and actions ALL done IN THE NAME OF YHWH, and they call all Seekers and ‘young believers in The Faith’ to call them for personal counseling and talks about this whole issue and the way forward.

The GREAT LESSON TO BE LEARNED FROM THIS whole SAGA: “Don’t trust any man, even if he comes to you in the Name of YHWH.” Remember that Our Faith is NOT based upon any man, but upon our ETERNAL KING YHWH in Heaven.

Now BE VERY careful whom you BLINDLY follow and associate yourself with, in the future. We are instructed to Work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

Also See the attachments for further insight into the whole matter and the allegations brought before Ralph Bethea and ongoing investigations conducted also in USA by The Family of YAH there.

A DVD will soon be made available with the whole 4 hour Meeting Proceeding on it, for all to see and hear for themselves recorded by brother Dirk. E-mail addresses attached of the Investigators.

END of Afrikaans Letter into English SUMMARY TRANSLATION…

After receiving and viewing all the evidence and DVD material provided, a PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT will be made by myself to all YAHUWans and Seekers and FULL REFUNDS will be made to ALL financial supporters, by myself and YAHUWAH DISTRIBUTIONS CC in Cape Town given for the Distribution of OSE-1. Refunds to be done in the coming weeks and all our websites will also be amended. For any financial claims or further reports on this subject matter, please do contact sister Deborah Lipan in Cape Town South Africa.

All Printing, Advertising and Distribution of The King’s Covenant E1 and First Covenant (O.T.) of The Word of YAH in South Africa done by Mada & Jacques Janse Van Rensburg and YAHUWAH DISTRIBUTIONS CC jointly, has consequentially been STOPPED on 13/02Feb/2012. Further discussions will be held after our Shabbat Day Webinar tomorrow in Africa, to support The Family of YAH members during this terrible time and this shocking news, which affects thousands of people in many countries, whom we have also exported and distributed The OSE-1 to, IN GOOD FAITH.

We humbly apologize for all the inconvenience and terrible loss we have caused you and your families, by perpetuating lies of Dr. Ralph Bethea (EliYAH, EliYAHUW, servant Raphael), also known as Elder RaphAH BethYAH of YAsarel West (YAsharel) USA.

We thank Abba YHWH for revealing to us in His Way and Perfect Timing, all the secrets and evil works of deception done by the destroyer who only comes to kill, steal and destroy from His Seeking Children.

We are NOT orphans, nor victims, but WE ARE SET FREE BY YAHU and WE WILL OVERCOME ALSO THIS ATTACK from the enemy, together as The Blood Covenant Family of The Most High YHWH.

Shalom and thank you.”

— End of newsletter—

Please direct any emails to:

The truth about “The Origianl Scriptures”

Dr Ralph Bethea Jr (aka RaphAH) has been proven to be a fake and that He NEVER found any “Original Scriptures”

This site is going to show evidence and facts that prove Dr Bethea to be an imposter and a worker of Satan.